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Single Knit Machine with 3-color Auto Stripers
¡ Higher roductivity is achieved by its high speeds and multi-feeder setup - 3.2 feeders/dia. inch - substantially increased compared with our conventional 3-color striper raceway machines.
¡ Stablestriping and stable needle/sinker movement at high speed operation are ensured by mechanisms such as 3-color stripers developed exclusively for this model and the latest cam system and this allows you to offer higher quality fabrics to the market.

Fabric Potential
Standard: 3-color striped patterns + jersey Optional: 3 or 6-color striped patterns + pique, Tuck structure patterns, inlay patterns, spandex yarn plated fabrics, 3-yarn plated striped fabrics, etc.
*Some of the above fabrics may require optional parts.

Striped T-shirts, polo shirts, outerwear, town wear, etc.


Double knit electronic jacquard machine with needle selection systems on both cylinder and dial
¡ Stable and reliable needle selection on both the cylinder and dial  achieved by our advanced actuator technology.
¡ Varieties of gHigh-tech Jacquardh fabrics.
¡ Clear and distinct jacquard patterns can be knitted using gfloat stitch controlh function which can be realized only by both-side needle selection.

Fabric Potential
Negative-positive patterns, 3-position structure patterns, long-stitch jacquards, quilting, pile fabrics using non-hook needles, spandex plated fabrics, etc.
*Some of the above fabrics may require optional parts.

Ladiesf wear, outerwear, mattress ticking, etc.


Double knit garment-length electronic jacquard machine with both-side needle selection
¡  V-LEC4DGTY2 which established the basis of garment knitting has now been upgraded to V-LEC4DGTFY6. It is our state of the art garment machine fully incorporating all the technical know-how we have acquired.
¡  Advanced features such as F-type stripers, auto-stitch & auto-timing systems, newly developed dial needle selection system further improve the quality of garment-length fabrics.

Fabric Potential
Continuously knitted garment lengths having a body of structures such as full jacquard, double-face jacquard, rib mesh, mock links, single knit, etc. and a rib cuff
*Some of the above fabrics may require optional parts.

Ladiesf cardigans, summer sweaters, menfs sportswear, etc.


FUKUHARA Single Knit Fine Gauge Electronic Jacquard Machine

Realizing high production rates on electronic jacquard machine comparable to raceway machines.
  E60 feeders on 26"
  E72 feeders on 30"
  E84 feeders on 34"

Fabric Potential
Full jacquard patterns, mesh patterns (optional), elastic yarn plated fabrics (optional), mesh elastic yarn plated fabrics (optional), etc.
Men's and ladies' quality inner wear, outer wear, etc.